Using Mail Merge with our templates




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    Beth Weber


    Because our templates are Microsoft Word documents the mail merge function is available. However, this is a function through Microsoft, not a template function.

    We recommend using Microsoft as a resource- they have the best, most current information that will help you use their tool. "


    Seriously - these are your instructions?  Does this tell you whether to click "envelopes" or "labels" or "letters" and how YOUR template works?  How is this Microsoft's job to give instruction?  It isn't there product.  This is the stupidest and most frustrating DYI project I have ever encountered in my entire life.  My daughter's wedding is in a few days and I've wasted hours and hours on this and still have no table cards for her wedding.  This is the worst experience I've ever had with anything I have bought at Michael's.

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    I am having the same issue - just tell us what Microsoft label to select for your template


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